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How to find the right part for your vehicle

Choosing the right part for your vehicle is not as straight-forward as finding the correct ink cartridge for your printer, with a sometimes bewildering range of options to try and navigate!

While we do provide a facility to filter parts by selecting vehicle details, this should be taken as for guidance only still, as multiple options could be presented which technically “will fit” that vehicle, but variants and options will determine which one is actually correct – don’t just pick the cheapest one and ‘hope for the best’!

There are some ways of determining which one is the right one for you though!

Contact Us

The easiest way to confirm fitment is to get in touch with us! There is an “Ask A Question” button below the Description on every product page, which opens a form so you can send a contact enquiry.

If you have a UK vehicle, send a short message with your registration number, and we’ll email you back to confirm if it is correct, or we’ll send a link to the correct one for you.

For non-UK vehicles, send us the full VIN/chassis number, as well as make/model/engine/year etc.

Parts Catalogues

We supply cooling and climate products from leading brands, and they all have their own online catalogues, which people can browse to find the correct parts. You can use their catalogues to look up your vehicle, and once you have identified the part you require, then you can simply search for that part number on our site.

Links to our suppliers’ online catalogues:

Cross-reference your part

Often the easiest way to match the correct part is to try and cross-reference any OEM or other part numbers off the unit you are replacing. We provide as much OEM and aftermarket cross-referencing as we can, so again, you can enter any OEM or competitor part number into the search box and all matching results should come up!

Do be mindful that sometimes aftermarket manufacturers can design their own products to replace several OEM numbers, so do exercise some caution when cross-referring competitor numbers especially if they give multiple results.

Tip: when searching by OEM reference, sometimes you may need to ‘strip out’ spaces or other characters in order to get proper results, as in the above example, if your OEM reference is “5Q0 819 031 B”, take out the spaces and search for “5Q0819031B” instead.

Send us an enquiry

If you’re struggling to find what you’re looking for, please click here for our Vehicle Parts Enquiry form.

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